Dimi Stay -Mashine and Traditional Hand Poking Artist 


Black Traditional Tattoo, Mandala Ornamental, Polynesian, Maori, Samoan Tribals Tattoo, Solid Black,  Dot Work Motives, Black and Grey Realism, and Portraits.

Dimi Stay is the owner of Temple Of Art Tattoo. He start in 1996  with a hand poking tattoos and year later he follow  in-depth study the world of pain-tattoos.

Since 2001 Dimi works in proffesional tattoo studio. After so many years on the road working with different artist from all around the world he decided to creat his own project in Darmsadt.

His love to ethnology  developed his own style of tattooing inspired from Maori and Polynesian Tribes until discovering the mystery of Mandalas in the Buddhism.

Dimi loves to creat his own design based on costumer`s ideas and work most free hand trying to feel the line of the body.


Angel -Guest Artist

Angel work like guest artist in TEMPLE OF ART TATTOO since 2017.

He is a specialist in Portraits, Black and Grey and Color Photo Realism, New School and All around Custom Designs.

He loves to take a time and work with a hospitally patience over his designs and tattoos,

and with all that passion he become to be a great artist on high score.



Ivan Kaska -Guest Artist

Since 2017 Ivan is a guest artist in TEMPLE OF ART TATTOO 
He is a great artist and loves to make japanese traditional motives,
old school traditional and black and grey realism.
His allround tattoo expirience will keep you in a high level art.

Kaska is a great cover-up and free hand artist

and he will always try to use your  own ideas try to realise them under your skin:)


Josey - Permanent Make-Up Artist

Josey has been all the time behind Dimi and supporting

somehow the project of Temple Of Art Tattoo keeping going on

In 2016 she was graduated in one of the best Academy for Beauty

in Thailand and specializing Microblading in 3D and 6D options,

Eyeliner and Lips.

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