Traditional Handpoking

Tattoos existing since the Stone Age about 6000 years ago and untli know traditional tattoo rituals are almost the same. Modern primitive tribes worldwide have adopted tattooing as a means of power and expression. Among the best documented are those of the Maori, Ainu, Samoans, Dayak, Kalinga ,Tahiti islanders, Inuit, South American Indians and nomadic Siberian groups, in Asian civilization and Native African Tribes . The first so-called renaissance of tattoo is associated with Captain James Cook’s overseas travels and his introduction of the word “tatau”which means “putting ink” or “tattoo” into Western languages .Some tattoos doesn`t develope that much in the modern society  and we try to keep exactly this heritage still “alive”.

“My inspiration came from all those tribes and try to representing the rituals of ancient tattoos.I use to practice different tattoo techiques involved a kind of elments which are part of the  traditions of some tribes and cultures like Maori and Polynesian Tatau, Sak Yant from Thailand and Tebori from Japan.”



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